Brianne Daniels, Overthought, ink and acrylic on paper, 11" x 14"

American, b. 1988, playing from Hampton, VA; North Myrtle Beach, SC; Carolina Beach, NC; Charleston, SC.

Brianne has a degree in Ecology and Field Biology with an emphasis in Wildlife Biology and loves being a naturalist and an explorer. Aside from taking a few art classes here and there throughout her whole education she has been independently trained and living as an artistic human in harmony with her scientific side. She has painted murals in schools and public community centers and enjoys live painting for musical events. She exhibits her works in group shows at coffee shops, community centers, and online. For many of her paintings and projects, Brianne uses recycled materials such as bed sheets, wood, papers, carpet samples, clothes, anything found while hiking, etc. She makes her own sketchbooks, costumes, and mediums (inks). Recently, she has made a 30 foot long dragon (and growing) sewn out of discarded clothes that is used to dance with at performances and has been collaborating with a friend by coloring comics to help make a graphic novel and online comics.

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Her work can be found at these various websites: various websites: www.mnartists.o A few of the colored comics can be found here:

Thoughts on the Telephone process

I enjoyed that the process of translating the art included a leap from one medium to another. It was intimidating at first to try to see through the one piece I received to the greater message that was being relayed. I talked to various strangers I encountered on my adventures while working on my piece about the process and it was helpful to gain other perspectives and thoughts about what they saw. It led to many interesting stories. Working from a prose to a visual representation brought questions of which words were important in understanding the original message and which ones were biased to the last artist’s interpretation. I found the more times I read the prose the diction started to steep into my mind and transform my thoughts as I worked on sketching out my own version. Even the tone of the piece influenced the color choices I made. I enjoyed personally being able to work on this piece in various places as it reflected how the telephone project spans over many different cities. One of my favorite places to work was at Angel Oak Park near Charleston, SC under an estimated 400-500+ year old Live Oak tree. I felt the energy gathered there helped me feel creative and inspired. Altogether, it was a wonderful experience and I would gladly be involved in similar projects.

Prose by John Proctor
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