Newcastle Upon Tyne

Emanuela Marcolini Marenz, Heavens, photographic montage

Italian, b. 1983, playing from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Emanuela Marcolini Marenz has worked as photographer and visual artist since 2003 by developing several commissions and finalizing her education with the Masters of Photography at the University of Sunderland, UK.

In her visual practice, Emanuela uses the photographic medium to explore contemporary society within the everyday life. She is particularly keen in investigating issues related to the concept of identity and how it is shaped by the involvement of people with the surrounding environment.

Her practice can be placed within the sphere of art documentary, although she doesn’t feel constrained in a specific photographic field and she approaches subjects with different methods.

In June 2012, she had been awarded to spend a month art residency in Iceland, where she realized the exhibited work "Why So SAD?". She recently published "Every new day. The contemporary Georgia", a documentary on contemporary Georgian shift to the occidental culture, for which she won The European Cultural Foundation Bursary.

Emanuela currently lives and works between Italy and England, where she is also a former member of the collective Mimeses North.

info@emanuelamarenz.com www.emanuelamarenz.com www.emanuelamarenz.tumblr.com

The work is a montage of 12 photographs. I collaborated with 11 people who described their ideas of heaven and visualized the photographic subjects. The shots are taken mostly in the north east of UK or in Verona (Italy) between 20th January and 12th February 2014. One is an image taken in Brazil and is from my personal archive (2009).

Thoughts on the Telephone process

I enjoyed the freedom I felt in expressing my feelings for another piece of art, although I needed a long time to consider the work in many points of view. I found inspiring the chance of elaborating a response to something I could understand and translate in several ways. Finally, I thought it was very fun trying to guess what is the first artwork circulated and now I am very curious to see the entire project finished!

Film by Kayce Bayer