New York
New York

Jana K Weaver, Oh Lord, Gouache on Paper

Amercian, b. 1972, playing from Brooklyn, New York, USA


Coming from a long line of itinerate farm workers and care-takers, Jana Weaver has developed a lifetime connection with flora and fauna of the land as well as a sense of social responsibility for anyone or thing in need. Transitioning from farming, Jana received an extensive education in metal working in Austin, Texas as well as receiving an MFA from SUNY New Paltz. Having worked for respected artists in NYC, Jana has gained profound respect and inspiration for artists that are dedicated not only to their work but, their community and their planet. It is within this extended community of caretakers, of many trades, that strength, ideas and compassion are cultivated. Focusing of themes of interdependency between all things, living or not, Jana creates new systems of understanding. By referencing ecology, biology and psychology, it is her hope to cultivate more implementable compassion and understanding within our culture.

Thoughts on the Telephone Process:

Being the original recipient of the seed phrase/saying from Nathan Langston, I felt highly responsible for providing inspiration for things to follow and yet, at the same time, resistant to the phrase that had been provided to me due to personal beliefs and ideas about how the cosmos/ cycle of life operates. The personal insight I gained from this is that I was far more resistant to ideas of godhood than I had realized and that I actually found more comfort in the idea of an expanding cosmos, no matter how cold outer space might be.

Breton Fisherman's Prayer
New York City New York USA