the Netherlands

Tim van der Meer, Now's the Only Time I Know, video

Dutch, b. 1987, playing from Utrecht, the Netherlands

performance by: Nikki Gijselhart, Eduardo Munoz, Sietske van der Veen, Mark Anema camera: Tim van der Meer, Rickert Blokhuis editing: Tim van der Meer sound: Tim van der Meer

Tim van der Meer lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The relationship between humans and nature, the detachment between us and our origins, are the basis for her research and work. Though the use of various mediums; time-based video installation, performance and photography she wants to transport the viewer to a world of more primary needs and emotions to restore this contact. Her work is a way to reestablish the bonds that connect her with her origins, environment and identity. Finding a balance between a contemporary life and a more pristine way of thinking and approach to the world, inspired by her own life and surroundings and other cultures.

Thoughts on the Telephone process

I really enjoyed working on this project, it was such a nice way to start something new. Each work of art is like a new research, an investigation, and that’s also the way I handled this project. The work I received was a musical pieced and it was built up out of several layers that all gave me a slightly different message at first, but soon melted together. The words that came to me while listening were: roots, origin, nature, echo, memories of old times, joy, happiness, being, tribe, species, together, holding on. The music was like a story to me, about a group of people celebrating life and being here and now, together. Out of today’s civilization, not minding all the terrible things we do to each other and our environment. I thought of me and my friends, we like to celebrate each other and life, dress up, go for long walks in the forest, dance, be amazed about our beautiful planet, and remember what life is really about. So, I decided to make this into a video. This was the message for me, but it is a contrast; in one way about being happy, loving and playful, in dialogue with the world around us. And on the other hand totally ignoring all the other things that are going on, holding on to a state of childlike behavior, never growing up and facing reality, floating in a dreamspace without taking action.

Music by Ethan Woods
New York
New York