Viljam Nybacka, The Big Gray Weight

Finnish, b. 1980, playing from London, United Kingdom

Viljam Nybacka is an London-based musician of Finnish origin. He has worked with music in numerous contexts collaborating with an array of artists. His new solo material demonstrates a deep musical affinity for anything he touches, exploring unique combinations and approaches within his multi-instrumental practice. Nybacka's music is a place where dreams, thoughts, atmospheres, metaphors and musical elements find their place and take on form in a rather instinctive and surprising way.

Thoughts on the Telephone process

It felt refreshing not to have to bother coming up with a great idea myself this time ; ) and I also felt slightly detached from, or maybe careless, not worrying so much about the result (easier to let it be less precious) than usually. Maybe this also had to do with that you sort of share the “burden” of creating with someone else...

One thing I found difficult was to translate “the message”of the art piece I was assigned. I wasn't sure I got the message or if there even was one in the first place. So it felt a lot like guessing. I usually don't think about the message so much when it comes to art. I like just taking it in, and then to now put it back out again, but then through my own art, was a different experience.

I think the question whether it is even possible to translate these kinds of messages is valid. Maybe it's something else we're passing down the threads? Of course it's not literally the same as the game Telephone since the languages differ. In telephone things are much more concrete. But that doesn't mean this is not an interesting approach. In my case I feel the project was a lot of fun and I conquered some obstacles I ran into and all in all I found it a very fruitful endeavor.

Installation by Sole Majdalani
Buenos Aires