Lisa Hall, Fleeting, antique clock body, old broken ceramic dolls, dry flowers, handmade porcelain tiles and buttons, an old key, sequential pennies, paint

American, b. 1972, playing from Olympia, WA, USA

Growing up in the SF Bay Area, I spent much of my childhood roaming the hillsides and beaches collecting treasures, rocks, seashells, driftwood, license plates and what not. My first “job” was working with my mother in an oddities shop, which if you can believe my luck, was located in a wonderfully funky old building, across the hall from a rock shop! Early on, I developed an intense interest in both the bizarre and organic objects I was surrounded by.

Having been raised Catholic, I was the first alter girl in my county and served at many funerals. Neither cemeteries nor staring down into the casket of strangers frightened me. I would imagine the stories of their lives and it brought me peace. I became fascinated with the architecture, rituals, iconography, saints, niches and pomp of it all. I learned many personal truths during those years and though I no longer subscribe to this belief system, my experiences often influence my work.

As a mixed media artist, I do not follow rules. Combining found objects with random materials to help me tell visual stories is a mystical process. I am nearly obsessed with collecting objects that I can use in my work, searching out interesting textures, imagery and color is paramount. I especially enjoy creating shadow boxes, shrines, dioramas and collages.

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Thoughts on the Telephone process

Honestly, I thought interpreting another’s work would be quite simple. It was not. I spent quite a lot of time developing my interpretation and then several more days to determine how I would convey my interpretation into a viable piece of work.

I have spent that last couple of years trying to pull myself out of my comfort zone and expand my knowledge. This process was one of a number of projects I have become involved with that has taken me to new levels and I LOVED it! I would welcome another Telephone assignment in a hot second.

Photography by Mati Ale
Tel Aviv