Buenos Aires

María Soledad Majdalani, Untitled, blocks of resin drawings, origami paper, lights, box of glass, 20" x 20" x 16", with video

Ma. Soledad Majdalani was born in Buenos Aires, the 25th of April, 1973. She is an architect and graduated with honors. She began her art career studing drawing and watercolours with the recognized Argentinian artist Eduardo Audivert. Since 2000, she has studied wood sculpture with recognized Argentinian artist Jorge Gamarra. And since 2002, she has studied drawing with recognized argentinian artist Ernesto Pesce. Since 2009, printing with recognized argentinian artist Lucrecia Orloff.

Solo exhibitions include

2013 | Consulate General of Argentina, New York, EE.UU. 2007 | Ruffinengo Museum, Santa Fe City, Argentina. 2004 | Aliance Française Gallery, Bs.As., Argentina.

Group exhibitions include

2013 | 13º Auction | City Hall Exhibition (Asociación amigos) , Eduardo Sivori Museum, Bs.As., Argentina. | Printing. 2012 | National Exhibition, (Salón Nacional) Palais de Glace Museum, Bs.As., Argentina. 2011 | National Exhibition (Salón Nacional), Palais de Glace Museum, Bs.As., Argentina. | New Supports & art installations.

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Thoughts on the Telephone process

At first I found it difficult to start creating from an idea that was not mine. I slowly became in touch with the work (monologue) that was sent to me; trying to connect with it. I had to study it, to know it almost by heart....I then decided that the best way to pass through the message without interfering with my interpretation was to "capture" the esence of it, like depuring everything around it (including the methods of showing) and just get the "soul" of the message. In that way I could then "encapsulate" the message in whatever I decided to do... and that the person recieving my work could read through it and capture the same message. like translating from one language to another. Although this was very challenging, I was enriched by testing my methods of creating and I was forced all the time to ask myself if the work I was doing was enough, was too much, or too difficult to understand, knowing that I had to play with "international" signs... This really opened up my mind and was an excellent exercise of creating!

Performance by Michael Rau
New York
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