People Who Helped With Telephone Game

The Satellite Collective Board and the TELEPHONE Work Group would like to thank the following Corporate Partners and Individual Donors. Your support was vital for making TELEPHONE a reality and you have our deepest gratitude. This would have been impossible without your selfless generosity and encouragement.

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Brooklyn Academy of Music

Bowery Poetry Club

Dogwood Center

Fremont Area Foundation

Psychic Bunny


Nancy Langston

Psychic Bunny

Rick Castaneda

Chalan Colby

Tasha Castaneda

Carol Dabrowiak

Amanda Kleinberg

Young Min Choi

Kevin Draper

Shelly McIntyre

Diane Purgiel

Todd Merrill

Atomic Elroy

William Joersz

Henry Brown

Lynn Katsumoto

Laurie R. Lucas

Esther Adler

Stefan Steil

Ingrid Langston

Carol Hall

Matthew Reid

William Baran-Mickle

Nacxi Gaxiola

Emily Gaddam

Theresa Vibberts

Jennifer McColloch

Sara Morris

Gavin Benjamin

Veruschka Thomason

Olin Berger

Ben Hoffman

Andreas W. Ueland

Julie Upmeyer & Anne Weshinskey

Olivia Pepper

Bonnie Serkin

Sue & Bill Russell

Wendy M. Walker

Michelle Penaloza

Todd Bryant

Pat Campbell

Sean McGrath

Liane Brakke-Pound

Janet Dindia

Keri and Alejandro Casteneda

Katie Hanson

Tino & Sue Castaneda

Terry De Lavallade


Margie Berger

Lindsay King

Francesca Wilmott

Erika Fairman

Pamela Hart

Alex Moore

Emily Katz

Karla McGee

Fawn McGee

Tara Brown

Tatiana Ryckman

Nina Meledandri


Stephen Miller

C.A. Nitsche

Nathalie Miller

Ariel Phillips

Nancy Medina

Holly Shen

Dylan miller

Victoria Brown

Emily Sessions

John Whaley

Susan R. Grossman

Manuel Vignoulle

Trula Acena

Lora Robertson

Claire Espey

Julia Haav

Matt Dabrowiak

Michelle Morse

Casey Kelbaugh


Tessa Winiarski

Michelle Gross

Michelle King

Martha Grover


Edna Cantoral Acosta

Daniel Wilson


Ann Clark

FIA for Dance Heginbotham

Mo McFeely

Sean Miller

Jenny Radulesk



Rachel Nackman

Jonathan Harford

Katie Hope

Adelos Media

Joe Stratton

Jeevan Singh


Robin Dunn