Alisha Sullivan, She Asked The Stars If They Knew, But Couldn't Make Out Their Whispers, wood, black tar paper. Temporarily installed in five locations on the upper Deschutes River in Central Oregon, 53" x 63" x 60"

American, b. 1981, playing from Portland, OR, USA

Alisha Sullivan's creative practice exists at the intersection of art installation, experience design, and relational social practice. Her work and research address the ephemeral nature of shared experience, and the understanding of place through immersive, site specific installations and enclosures. Physical experience, the emotional quality of an environment, and our perception of ourselves within a context make up the complex ecologies of what we call place. Sullivan creates immersive sculptural installations and micro-shelters that facilitate situations where the viewer has the opportunity to connect with a contemporary narrative through primary experience. She graduated in 2014 with an MFA in Applied Craft + Design from OCAC and PNCA. Sullivan has worked extensively in the realm of experience design through art direction, event production and set design for film, and has exhibited her work throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Thoughts on the Telephone process

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this project. I was working from a written piece, and interpreting the poem into sculpture was exciting and also challenging. I felt like I was collaborating with someone I didn't know, trying to decipher the essence of what they were saying. I was compelled to honor their original intent as best I could while interpreting the piece through my own medium, experience, and lens through which I see the world.

Poetry by Bob Holman
New York
New York
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